• Category :Search Engine Optimization
  • Date :June, 2018
  • Client :Film Developer

Project Brief:

Early in 2018 we began working with a business that developed film for photographers. The owner had a decent clientele but little-to-no online presence. He was fairly familiar with SEO and had worked with other agencies in the past but we were determined to show him why we are different…

We implemented our planning and research process immediately. We incorporated everything he was able to tell us about his business and their consumer base. From there, our research revealed a very alarming opportunity. Previously, he had been targeting “Film Development” and variations of the keyword. The previous agency had optimized his site for this keyword and the location. They had communicated increased rankings but it never led to increased leads. It was our hypothesis that most of these customers were looking for information on how to do it, where to do it, but not necessarily someone to do it for them. We also noticed that “Online Film Development” had a large volume of searches and a lot less competition. After analyzing the SERPs, we determined it was a great opportunity because of the volume and the intent of the searchers.

Why?… Because people who are searching for “Online Film Development” are looking for someone who they can contact online to develop their film.

We communicated our theory to the owner and he agreed. Our campaign began and we re-optimized the website for converting online film development customers. Th results were amazing!

  • Planning
  • Learn the business
  • Identify target audience
  • Create buying personas
  • Research
  • Analyze Current Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Identify Opportunity
  • Implementation
  • On-Site Markup
  • Content Creation
  • Link-Building Outreach

Planning & Research

Identify What is Working and What Will Work Better.

This was a successful business when we got involved. It was profitable. Therefore, we did not want to come in and restructure their entire online presence if we didn’t have to. In this case we were able to identify a keyword gap that would lead to huge returns if we were able to fill it. Our team had a goal, so we worked relentlessly to achieve it.


Implementing Our Strategy

Deciding the Most Efficient and Sustainable Way of Achieving Results

As we make modifications and additions to the website, we have a long term vision in mind. We aren’t interested in any tricks to get quick results at the expense of sustainability down the road. Whether its optimizing content or creating new web pages, we made sure it aligned with the brand and the audience.¬†


The End Result

300 Percent Increase in Revenue

This campaign was one of our best. We were able to get amazing organic results in less time than it would usually take due to how optimal this keyword was. The owner recognized the opportunity at hand and made sure we had every resource we needed to get the job done. It is amazing what can be achieved when clients are as dedicated to the results as we are.

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