Advanced Analytics & Tracking

Google Analytics enables you to track the activity on your website – invaluable for assessing and improving your site’s effectiveness. This can provide information on what people search for in order to get to your site and where they have clicked a link to access your website from. One of the most simple but important ways Google Analytics can help is to track the number of visitors your site has had each month.

Here at quick-rank, we track visitors from social networks, search engines, direct visits, and referring sites. We also track advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing, and digital collateral.

This in-depth tracking and analysis enables us to ensure that you capitalize on all opportunities to reach your ideal customers. Through the optimization of all potential traffic avenues, your business will grow efficiently and sustainably.

In addition to tracking your own data, quick-rank will also track and analyze the competition just to make sure you always stay one step ahead!

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