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Improve your website’s crawling and indexing with advanced technical SEO services. Quick Rank SEO’s team specializes in optimizing your website technically.
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What is Technical SEO?

To make the website compatible according to search engine guidelines to ensure that search engines can easily crawl and index websites without any errors! This process is called technical SEO. Many things need to be done when conducting technical SEO like URL optimization, Schema Data, Website Migration, Indexing Issues, Penalty Recovery, Website Speed, Broken Links, and much more.
Search engines like Google can easily understand and index websites that are technically strong, and if the website is not technically optimized according to Google guidelines then it will face index issues. Technical SEO is the most important to build a solid foundation to meet search engine criteria.
As a technical SEO services provider, Quick Rank SEO has a team of SEO experts who can solve all the technical problems that your website faces. We at Quick Rank SEO are always ready to grow your business with our comprehensive SEO services, schedule your appointment now to discuss more about your SEO needs.

Why Technical SEO?

There are many reasons why technical SEO is essential! Technical SEO can improve user experience by optimizing your website for mobile phones, which means it fixes the issues of responsiveness. Technical SEO helps to crawl and index your website because without indexing no one can see your website on search engines.
Search engines like Google need to understand your business that’s why technical SEO helps to give proper information about your business through schema data, and it also helps to improve website speed for a better user experience.
Search engines can quickly understand your website if it is properly structured and pages connect with each other, that’s why technical SEO takes care of your website’s structure and internal linking, which means technical SEO helps to fix every error that can harm your website’s health.
The illustration shows a team of technical SEO experts doing a website audit.

Some of Our SEO Clients

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Advanced Technical SEO Services That We Offer

Website’s Technical SEO Audit

The technical SEO audit is important to identify and fix the issues of the website. As a search engine optimization agency, we conduct in-depth technical audits to ensure that your website performs well for search engines and your customers. In the technical audit, we identify and fix the major issues like page speed, URLs, crawling and indexing, sitemap, robots.txt, internal link structure, duplicate content, redirections, visual content optimization, core web vitals, and much more. Contact Quick Rank SEO and book a FREE consultation to solve your technical SEO problems.
The illustration shows one young man checking the process of technical SEO.
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Image Optimization

Imagine that your website has only text content, does your customers spend time on your website if you have only text on it? No, right! The visual content is most important with text content because customers like visual content. But if your website has big sizes of images on every page, then it also affects your website speed. The solution is image optimization, and as SEO experts we help you to optimize your website images by checking the size of images, extension of images, optimizing ALT, and more to reduce the loading time of your website.

Website Speed Optimization

Website speed affects your customer’s experience and ranking that’s why it is very important to optimize your website speed because everyone wants fast solutions and Google also gives priority to fast-loading websites, which means no one wants a slow website. At Quick Rank SEO we optimize all the aspects of the website that technically affect your website speed, we optimize code, and images to reduce loading time and also we work on core web vitals like FID (First Input Delay), LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift).
The illustration shows one young man optimizing the website speed for technical SEO.
The illustration shows the process of checking the activities of website results.

Schema Markup Data

Did you know that? The schema markup data helps search engines easily understand your website. As technical SEO services providers, we give the extra information about your website or business so that search engines can easily understand your content, structure, and website, to index it.

Penalty Recovery

You need to make sure that your SEO agency follows the guidelines of search engines and does whitehat practice on your website because if they don’t follow the guidelines search engines like Google will penalize your website and you will lose everything that you achieved for your website. As an SEO agency, we specialize in recovering your website from the penalty, we conduct in-depth analysis with Google Search Console to identify what’s the reason and solve those problems.
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The illustration shows the process of website migration to improve technical SEO.

Website Migration

Sometimes it happens that you need to switch your website or domain from one platform to another platform, but it is a very serious matter. You need to take care of many things before migrating your website because sometimes happens that the structure of the website changes, lost traffic, low performance, lost backlinks, and much more. We have a team of experienced SEO experts who can easily migrate your website with proper executions without losing anything. But in case it happens something missing on your website after migration, don’t worry our team will recover that data.
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Website Performance

Search engines like Google and Bing love quality, which means if your website has quality content and is technically optimized the search engines give them priority for higher ranking. That’s why with technical SEO we also take care of your website’s coding, we delete extra code, compress the code, and reduce redirections to ensure that your website performs well and gets more organic traffic.
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